Long drive home – day 8 & 9 graphic

Why only 9 days? I wrote at the beginning that we were going on two weeks holiday. Well, few things. First of all, we started the journey on Tuesday because we didn’t make it on Monday. Second, I was going to the new job on Saturday, so we had to come back on Friday. However, after we visited all places we intended to, we decided to go straight home. So 9 days it was.

We turned home from Kristiansund but I wouldn’t say sightseeing was over. 1000km brings a lot to see. For example, I was captivated by the winding road on the border of the parks: Trollheimen, Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella Nasjonalpark, and Rondane Nasjonalpark. Maybe this was the purpose of driving north to The Atlantic Road. I mean, if we weren’t there, we wouldn’t come back this way. It was a scenic drive through wide valleys. But we did not take photos. Tomek was asleep.

We headed to our camping site by the lake near Lillehammer, where we slept at the beginning of the trip. Before that, we stopped for a dinner in the woods.

The weather wasn’t very good during the whole trip. Anyway, I decided to jump into the lake even if just for 5 minutes. Jurek swam as well, although he is more resistant to cold so it wasn’t surprising.

We didn’t visit the cities. There is always a problem of parking space. Besides, we prefer to be in nature, far from civilization. Nonetheless, I like wandering through the streets of small towns from time to time. So we decided to eat breakfast in Lillehammer.

Lillehammer is not the most beautiful town I have seen. It is famous only thanks to Olympic games. But the walk was nice. It is always good to stretch the body after a long drive.

We parked the car near a supermarket. There were Europark automats but they didn’t work. A lady advised calling the company. We did so and got 3 hours of free parking. Great!

It wasn’t all that easy to find the restaurant. It would be much simpler in dinner time because then kebab or hamburger would meet our needs. But not for breakfast. Finally, we went into Nikkers. I took scrambled eggs and Jurek chose eggs and bacon. It was very nicely served and good. Maybe just not spicy enough for me. But coffee and hot chocolate were excellent. The prices affordable. Prices in Norway surprised us. Or maybe it was only because we compared them to Denmark, not to Poland?

We crossed Swedish border. The sun was shining and it was warm. Dinner break was the best stop on holiday simply because of the weather. Jurek was able to prepare food with no rush at all while Tomek was happily playing on the grass. Complete relaxation!

We made some shopping in Sweden and then took a ferry to the Danish land.

We drove around 3000km. We saw wonderful things in Norway. And now we were home again. I was glad we don’t need to move luggage in order to go to sleep, that it is possible to take a shower anytime I want, that Tomek has a space to play no matter the weather outside. But there was a part of me which wished we rest for a day or two and go again. I like driving, I like to see new places, I like wandering in nature. Sadly, the holiday was over.

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