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It is so great to have friends abroad because you can visit them! Sometimes you will even get a bed and sightseeing tour. On the other hand, it is also great to be that person living abroad because you can show somebody a part of the world which has become your world. Maybe someone gets bored visiting the same places on and on and on. But if those are beautiful places with the emotional background it would be so nice to come back to them. So where do I take my guests?

  • The walk in Copenhagen center. Usually, we start at Copenhagen Central Station and walk past Tivoli (second world oldest opened amusement park) to City Hall Square Rådhuspladsen. There we take a photo with Andersen and use free toilets. Inquisitive types may enter City Hall and see Jens Olsen’s world clock.
  • We go through Strøget – city’s boardwalk. It runs from Rådhuspladsen to Nyhavn. We make a stop on Gammeltorv. My first work in Copenhagen took place there. But there is also Caritasspringvandet – the oldest capital fountain from 1608. On the other side, we can see Nytorv with the court and the platform where the gallows stood in the past. For those more curious there is a church Vor Frue Kirke nearby.
    We follow Strøget til another square with the fountain with cranes. You can see the Parliament with its tower. The entrance to the top is free of charge.
    We continue walking the narrow streets around Strøget, full of people, bars, and shops.
  • Finally, the main street ends and we are on Kongens Nytorv. There is a nice cafe at the corner. We can make a break, cause there is a bit more sightseeing ahead.
    After a while, we go out again and admire Nyhavn which is the street and canal from many postcards. Characteristical colorful houses on both sides.
  • We pass the round church Frederiks Kirke, the house of the royal family – Amalienborg, and the Opera on the other side of the canal. We walk further and further and further until we see Den Lille Havfrue – a little mermaid. She is quite little indeed and most of the time surrounded by tourists what makes taking a good photo a bit difficult. But if we go further down the canal we’ll meet the big mermaid which is less popular thus mostly alone.
    On our way back to the city we admire the fountain 
    Gefionspringvandet, cast a look on the church nearby and the citadel Kastellet. 
  • The next day we’ll be wandering around Nørrebro. Let’s start at Nørreport station, then continue through the market Torvehallerne to reach Copenhagen’s lakes Søerne. We’ll stop for a moment on queen Louise’s bridge to catch a sun or drink a beer, or smoke a cigarette, drink coffee, eat a snack or whatever you wish 😉 We follow Nørrebrogade street to arrive at the yellow wall of Assistens Kirkegård cemetery. We’ll be here for a while. Not only because of my fascination with graveyards (maybe I will write about that one day), but also because this cemetery is more like the park. A lot of green, trees, bushes, flowers. Besides it is a place of rest to H.Ch.Andersen. We leave on Hans Tavsens Park side so I can show my previous house. And we end up in one of my favorite cafe Tjili Pop. 
  • Christiania is the next place of our interest. You can go there another day or join with some other attractions. I didn’t know that such a place exists until I have moved here. The area abandoned by the military has become a home to hippies in 1971. Nowadays around thousand people are living there in empowered society. This is also marijuana and hash trade zone. But that’s not all. Plenty of cultural events like concerts, exhibitions take place in Christiania. And if you like nature, you can just come to sit by the lake. Depend on your interests. 😛
  • In order to visit Dyrehaven it would be wise to reserve all day. It is a deer park north of Copenhagen. You can get there by train, but naturally, it is best on the bike. Such way you will be able to see more of 11km² area. I am pretty sure you will meet a deer or even the whole herd! You will find yourself among beautiful nature and very old trees. And there is Bakken, the world oldest opened amusement park.
  • If the time allows we’ll go to the beach. It might be the sandy one on Amager or grassy one in Charlottenlund. 

My dear guests, do you recognize those places? 🙂

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