Long drive home – day 8 & 9 graphic

Why only 9 days? I wrote at the beginning that we were going on two weeks holiday. Well, few things. First of all, we started the journey on Tuesday because we didn’t make it on Monday. Second, I was going to the new job on Saturday, so we had to come back on Friday. However, after […]

The biggest disappointment of the tour – Atlanterhavsveien – day 7 graphic

The view from the parking in the morning was extraordinary. Perhaps it inspired me to invent a hammock for Tomek so he had some fun while we were cleaning. We drove through the bridge to Bolsøya island and through the tunnel back to the land. GPS was leading us to the town of Vevang where […]

Top day 6 – Geirangefjord, Trollstigen and Trollveggen graphic

We slept not far from the most famous Norwegian fjord – GEIRANGEFJORD. In the morning there was always quite a lot to do. Repacking, washing, making food, eating and cleaning. Obviously, it took a certain amount of time. Til the moment we were ready to go, Tomek was usually ready to sleep. And normally, it made us […]

The glaciers found in Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark – day 5 graphic

JOSTEDALSBREEN NASJONALPARK encircles the largest glacier on the European mainland. The glacier covers over a half of the park, which has the area of 1310km². The ice at the thickest point reaches 600m. Unfortunately, it melts really fast, so better hurry if you want to see it! I’ve studied the guidebook. It said that near the […]

Looking for a glacier in Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark – day 4 graphic

JOTUNHEIMEN NASJONAL PARK means “Home of the Giants”. It is well known for its 60 glaciers and 275 peaks rising above 2000 m above sea level. Sounds so good we chose it for the first encounter with the glacier. We were on the road leading to Lom. We decided to get some information and maps there. Yes, we found […]

Scenic routes in Central Norway – day 3 graphic

We were so close to Lillehammer that it would be a sin not to see ski jumps, where Winter Olympics in 1994 took place. However, sightseeing was very fast. Morning routine took us a long time (repackage, preparing food and then cleaning after it) so before we reach ski jumps, Tomek fell asleep. I went out from […]

A baby in the car – day 1 and 2 graphic

We knew from the beginning there will be a lot of driving during our holiday. First of all, we had to reach Norway, then visit points of interest and afterwards come back. We found out rather quickly, it won’t be as easy as it used to be when Tomek was 4 months. Back then he […]

Plans v. reality – holiday preparations graphic

Two years ago we were driving across Europe. We made circle south to Gibraltar. The idea of driving north, around Baltic Sea, appeared somewhere on the way. We postponed the trip because of the birth of Tomasz. Reality has changed our plans even more. First of all the route was too long. With a baby […]