This is the end. graphic

The journey has finished. 25 days we were living in the car. We did it! The plan was completed in 100%. Still, it’s hard to believe, we did it. And now I feel an emptiness inside. Because for almost a month we were in a new place every day. We were only worried about where […]

Day 24 & 25. Fun on the beach and in Legoland. graphic

DAY TWENTY FOUR We thought it is already the end of adventures, just boring way home ahead of us. Unexpectedly, we had a wonderful day! We were still alone at the forest car park. The sun was up in the sky, so we ate breakfast on the table outside. We were in Vadehavet park on […]

Day 22 & 23. Through German highways. graphic

We got up together with Justyna and Kacper to say goodbye. Then we ate breakfast, cleaned a bit in the kitchen and drove off. Through Germany. I must admit, it was a bit boring part through highway. Therefore, I will describe few observations from the road. In Germany, as in France, you can enter with […]

Day 19, 20 & 21. French volcanoes and the meeting in Germany. graphic

We woke up under the wall of abandoned volcanic pumice stone excavation. We slept very well. Maybe thanks to wine or maybe to the silence around. We drove off to the parking under the volcano Puy de Dôme. Then we walked up to the height of 1464 m. above sea level. The higher, the more […]

Day 17 & 18. Family reunion in Bergerac. graphic

We decided not to drive through motorways. Kilometers go much slower, but we have a possibility to see charming towns, wide fields, and dark forests. And thousands of roundabouts! We are fed up with them already. I noticed French love roundabouts during my first visit in north France. Now I have confirmation. We reached Bergerac, […]

Day 15 & 16. Meeting the marmot in the Pyrenees. graphic

It was the day on the road. We were driving well maintained Spanish roads, crossing from time to time Camino de Santiago. It is the pilgrimage route existing more than one thousand years. It ends in Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain. We spent the night by the river. The water was freezing, however, we […]

Day 13 & 14. Amazingly beautiful Portugal. graphic

Strange day. We woke up around 3 a.m. We couldn’t sleep anymore so we hit the road. After about 100 km I felt sleepy again. We stopped at the parking near BP station and went to bed. The sun was high in the sky when we woke up the second time that day. Toilets at […]

Day 11 & 12. Portuguese beaches with Happy. graphic

DAY ELEVEN We drove into Portugal. Our road was going amongst hills and woods. We passed through cork trees plantations. It is a very interesting plant. Men cut tree bark in specific time lapse, then it dries in the sun and finally goes to cork production. Another interesting place – huge lake. We were looking […]

Day 10. The destination of the trip – Gibraltar. graphic

200 km was between us and Gibraltar. We weren’t hungry in the morning so we decided to eat breakfast in Gibraltar – destination of the trip. For the first time, we had to show documents on the border. Then we entered the city. We were heading to the most southern point of the peninsula. It […]

Day 8 and 9. The beauty of Spanish nature. graphic

DAY EIGHT Kaprys was barking during the night, what automatically sharpened my senses. I was listening to any strange sounds. I was happy to hear none, so I went back to sleep. The world looks different in daylight. We woke up surrounded by beautiful nature, small trees, quiet and calmness. I did some yoga, while […]